Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Great Start to Spring

This weekend was quite busy and fun! During the Winter months in Cedar City, the cold is quite bitter. This bitter cold deters us from doing much outdoors. Since our friendships have been slowly atrophying, we have made it a goal to become more socially active now that Spring is here. If this weekend is an indicator for the remainder of the season, I think we will absolutely demolish our goal. On Friday night after Trisha's game ended, we drove up the canyon to have a dutch oven dinner with three of our couple friends. We cooked dutch oven potatoes, chicken, and peach/raspberry cobbler.

It was such a great time- and quite delicious! The crisp mountain air and opportunity to spend time with friends was so refreshing. On Saturday, Trisha had a Softball clinic from 10-2, so I cleaned up the house and did homework while she was gone. While she attended the Women's Conference, I played FIFA with a friend until the Real Salt Lake game started at 7:30. We had 8 people over to watch the game with us, so we really enjoyed having the company! I got to talk with one of them who I had never met before. His name is Pedro, he is an exchange student from Brazil. We got to talk about a wide range of subjects, including what his thoughts were on Brazil hosting the World Cup. He said that he protested on the streets because the money being spent on stadiums could be used on the failing health and education systems. I was aware of this unrest, but it was interesting to hear about it from a native who actually participated. After church today we helped our neighbors clean up and take care of some finishing touches before they move tomorrow to North Dakota! Before we left, Addison, their son that we teach in primary, said "When you move, will you move close to us?" It was so sweet! We're excited for the weather to be getting better-even though it has snowed the past two days- and to be more outgoing again.

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