Sunday, December 1, 2013

My first Black Friday

We spent Thanksgiving up in Elk Ridge with Trisha's family this year. It was filled with good food and good company! We had a great meal and I was introduced to a few secret family cuisines such as Giggle Juice. The recipe is a close-kept family secret; don't ask me for it or I'll force it down your throat and have you giggling until Easter! The feast was great and we visited for a few hours afterwards over pie. After we had recovered enough, we prepared ourselves for.....BLACK FRIDAY(it was Thursday night, but it counts)! I wasn't sure what to expect as we began our descent off of the mountain to our first target, er, destination: Wal-mart. We went straight for the super-cheap movies that were lined up against the meat aisle spanning the entire length of the store. The deal officially began at 6 pm, so there were scores of people lined up waiting to break through the tape that separated them from their prizes. At 6 o'clock, the barrier was removed and people flooded the area and picked up as many movies as they could hold. Luckily, we had our handy-dandy 11-year old that could dodge and weave between people as she bravely plucked movies from the shelves and returned them to us so we could take inventory. I got into the heat of it and snatched a copy of Despicable Me from some unsuspecting child. He already had three, save some for the fishies, kid. I know it's harsh, but the kid needed to learn a lesson about life, and what better time to learn than on Black Friday? I'm just kidding, that was a work of fiction; I'm not that heartless :)
Following Wal-mart, we went to Kohl's and Shopko. There were some serious deals! We saved $102 at Kohl's and only spent $34! In fact, we were basically done with our Christmas shopping before December even began! And we got 3 Harry Potter movies for less than $5 at Wal-mart. I had a great time with family as we awed at the spectacles that accompany this event. The moral of the story is that although Black Friday is portrayed as this crazy event, there are great deals, and great fun to be had.
On Actual Black Friday, Tyler, Kamri, and I went to Lowe's Air Sports in Provo while Trisha worked on a research paper. It is an open gymnastic gym for anyone to play around in. They have a lot of foam pits and Olympic quality trampolines to play on. We had a great time on the 20 foot rock wall that hung above a foam pit so you could jump off once you reached the top. Kamri said it was fun to just fall backwards once you had reached the top, it was so fun! It is a surprisingly long freefall! Tyler convinced me to try backflips on a mat. He would spot me and help me improve my form. I got pretty close to landing a few, but couldn't quite hold my tuck for long enough. There was also a trapeze that we swung from into a foam pit. Tyler dared me to try a backflip from the trapeze to the pit, he was hesitant to do it after he had landed weirdly the last time he tried. I went a few times but chickened out when I let go. Finally I decided I would regret it if I didn't do it, so I got up there and did it! It was so cool! On a side note, I've decided to give up school and pursue trapeze-artistry. It's real.
So that about sums up our Thanksgiving weekend, sorry it was such a lengthy account! Also, if you pay for Trisha and I to come visit you, I will teach you the art of the trapeze. Or, to save some money, look for my act coming to a circus near you.

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Real early morning

My favorite sports team, Real Salt Lake (Soccer) has been doing very well this season, so well that they have made it to the Finals in the playoffs! Throughout the off-season, local TV stations have been airing their games, which is so great! Trish, Dad, and I have been able to watch their games and follow the team quite well this season. Unfortunately, the past two playoff games have been on Sunday nights, but there are replays posted online an hour after the game. I didn't want to watch the game on Sunday, so this I went on a Facebook and phone fast so that no one would accidentally tell me the score, there is nothing worse than watching a 90 minute soccer game when you know the score beforehand. Trisha's brother, Tyler, our friend Adam, and I all woke up at 4:30 on Monday morning to watch the replay before school and work since the score was bound to be mentioned at some point throughout the day. We though we might as well make it a bit more pleasant, so we hooked up a computer to the TV for a bigger screen and had a french toast breakfast before we started the game! It was a ton of fun supporting a great team with great friends. Real Salt Lake takes on Sporting Kansas City on December 7th for the MLS Cup! Luckily this game is on a Saturday :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A few new things

First off, let me start by apologizing to our blog for the two-month period of neglect. To be quite honest, I completely forgot that we had a blog, but Trisha recently brought up the fact and so here we are! Wow, these past two months have been very busy with work, school, travel, and a bunch of fun! School has been keeping our household quite busy, the semester is coming to a close. If I'm correct, we only have 3 weeks until finals, holy cow! On the work side, I got a new job in Student Services on campus as a budget assistant. I manage department budgets, set up new ones, and talk soccer with my supervisor. I quite enjoy that part :) Trisha's office recently had a huge organizational shift, she has a new supervisor and the organizational hierarchy has been changed. So far so good, but she is sad to see her other supervisor go since he had been coming out of his shell a bit more in recent weeks. 
Trisha's brother, Tyler and I have become great friends! He and I have recently taken up racquetball and play every night at the PE building on campus. I currently hold the advantage in games won 12-9, but that can change quickly, we are really evenly matched. My body is taking a beating though, diving on that floor has left me with some good bumps, bruises, and floorburn. 
We dressed up as partners in crime for Halloween and accompanied Mckay, Benson, and Lily as they trick-or-treated in mom and dad's neighborhood. A lot of fun was had by all! I had wanted to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" on Halloween. But since we didn't have it, we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks: Jekyll and Hyde with Benson, Mckay and Beej. It was quite ridiculous, but filled us with a good amount of Halloween cheer. 
Trisha helped her mom coach a 12-U softball team this weekend. I was able to go and watch all of the games. It was a great tournament! Trisha loves to be with the girls and does a terrific job of teaching them while making it fun for the girls. It is very cute to watch as she interacts with them. :) She is very much looking forward to coaching Canyon View this Spring. She will be amazing!
We recently celebrated our 6-month wedding anniversary.....that is crazy! Time is really flying by. I love Trisha more and more each day. She really is the best :) She treats me so wonderfully and knows my likes and dislikes. For my birthday she secretly purchased tickets to a Real Salt Lake game and surprised me with them the week before my birthday. She is amazing and I couldn't ask for anything better :) 
Well, that sums up the past few months. I promise we will be better at keeping up with the blog in the future. Until next time!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My David

Much has happened since Christmas in July: Real Salt Lake vs. Portland, Onion Days, Fall semester, an extra roommate....hopefully more details for those will be coming soon. Today, my loving husband is 22 years old. It's almost 9 pm and I've only seen him for about 15 minutes, but I've been able to think all day long about how much I love him. And now you get to hear some of those thoughts =)

David is everything I could ask for. He is always telling me how cute I look or how much he loves me. We'll have a 3 second conversation on the phone (like when he calls to say he's outside of my office to pick me up) and he always says he loves me. It's so hard to get out of bed in the mornings, because after the alarm, David cuddles up to me. But it's hard to get ready quickly, because he hugs me at least 4 times while I'm doing my hair and make-up. And RIGHT when I walk through the door after work, he wants to hug me. He's just so full of love and affection. Any girl would love to hear those things, and I get them everyday.

He also is so patient, kind, and helpful. We have been know to push each other out of the way, in a battle to do the dishes. He's so good at listening that I used to beg him for his own stories and opinion. In owning a home, we have experienced several things that newlyweds typically don't go through, like nursing a yard back to life, setting up a washer and dryer, and replacing a toilet flapper (I actually don't know what it's called, because David fixed it. But I do know it looks like a flapper). He is so willing to help with dinner or the laundry when I don't have enough time at home to do so. As I hear some of my other friends talk about their role in the home, I'm so grateful that David looks for opportunity to do things around the house for me. Sometimes I let my work, school, and busy schedule get the best of me. Of all the things I'm learning from our marriage, David is teaching me to love the little things, and just relax.

I love him more and more everyday. He is such a part of my life. Recently, he left for a day and a half to help the SUU soccer team on an away game. I got so lonely! I look forward to loving him forever and ever. I sure love you, David. Happy birthday.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Christmas in July

I am a HUGE Christmas fan. I love everything to do with it! Christmas music, food, traditions, family, magical lights, cold weather, hot chocolate, etc. If it were up to me, we would begin the next Christmas celebration on December 26th...well I guess the 27th since Trisha's birthday is on the 26th, we'll let her have her day in the sun;) 

However, such devotion would probably cause Christmastime to lose some its magic. During High School I devised a solution that would allow us to keep Christmas in our hearts just a little bit more each year: Christmas in July! I vowed from that day forward that when I got married, my wife and our family would observe this wonderful holiday each year. Luckily, Trisha is an amazing wife and was the muscle behind the planning/organization of the event (especially when I found out that a Real Salt Lake game would be televised in the middle of our celebration. This made me want to reschedule the event for another day.) So the event planning continued. We planned the event for July 20th at 7:30 pm. We spent the morning/afternoon shopping for and setting up decorations and food while listening to various Christmas albums. Our friend, Kate came and helped us, which was greatly appreciated! We set up the tree, strung up lights and put out a candle to infuse the air with Christmas! We even set the thermostat down a few degrees so that during the movie so that people could cuddle under the blankets we set out. It was perfect!! Our neighbors have a 2 year old that loves Christmas as well, so we brought him over to help us decorate the tree. He loved it and was so cute. Every time he put an ornament on the tree he would immediately start scouring the room saying "One more!" After that, everyone started to show up. We had sugar cookies to decorate, hot chocolate to drink, paper and scissors to make snowflakes, and a good soccer game to watch. We decided to opt out of watching Elf due to time constraints for those traveling home to St. George that night. The spirit of Christmas left the room for a few minutes in the 96th minute of the soccer game due to poor form from the ref resulting in the winning goal for the opposing team. I will probably get coal this year for the negative thoughts I had about the whole situation. However, after another mug of Cocoa in my Grinch mug, I felt much better.

 I would say that the first annual Christmas in July was a marvelous success! We had a great time with great company and the start of a great tradition.

I want to mention Trisha again, she put in a lot of effort to make sure that Christmas in July was all I imagined it could be and more. I am very excited to have her as my Merry Christmas Darling each and every Christmas:)

Card Mansion

Last week, we were able to host two of Trisha's siblings on Wednesday and Thursday. Her brother, Tyler is transferring to SUU and attended orientation. We were able to go to Roberto's Mexican Restaurant and Wednesday Tennis. Tyler was probably the best one at tennis. He was doing really great! He was putting some good spin on the ball which impressed everyone there that I talked to. After tennis, we came home and watched some White Collar. We all love that show, it is so good! While Trisha was at work and Tyler was at orientation on Wednesday, Kamri and I got to hang out! Kamri and I are not very familiar with what there is to do in Cedar, so we decided to spend the afternoon playing cards and Jenga. After a few rounds of Jenga, we started building structures with the blocks. This was a blast! All of this engineering sparked my imagination. I remember building card houses with Dan and Becky when we were younger. How cool would it be to bring blocks and cards together? So Kamri and I started Phase I of our construction. The base of the building was to be made solely of cards. Our goal was to make the foundation strong enough to support a tall tower of Jenga blocks. While this seemed impossible, we pressed on. During phase one, Kamri found the strongest way to form the cards; each formation she tested was put to a weight test. After this testing, we found that a triangular grid would be the best base to hold the additional weight of the blocks.

During Phase II we finished construction of the lobby area and began to work on the pool area of the card mansion. To add monetary value to this mansion, we had to make this aesthetically pleasing. Our pool area was to be in the middle of the home and be surrounded by bedrooms. A second story veranda wrapped around a portion of the pool area.

Phase III consisted of building the tower over the main lobby. Our biggest concern was that the weight of the tower would be too great for the card rooftop. Our construction was delayed by a cave-in while we were trying to install more roofing to spread the weight of the tower. After this delay, we began construction of the tower. This was a very risky job; one wrong move and the entire home could be demolished. We had previously designed a mockup of the proposed tower, so construction went quickly. Here is the finished product:

Although the wise man probably shouldn't build his house upon some cards, our mansion goes to show what some good imagination and a lot of free time can accomplish.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

David vs. Goliath

As the monotonous cycle of work --> schoolwork --> sleep threatened our night again, Trisha and I made a run for it and went to play some friendly tennis. There are some great people that play every Wednesday through the Summer, and this was our first night joining their game. Tennis wound down and the group of us went to get snow cones at the wonderful Tiki Shack. We had a nice, relaxing break from our studies - but the real fun started during the short drive home...
After turning onto our street, I felt a foreign object on the edge of my shorts. Unsure of what it was, I investigated the scene with my hand, making sure to keep my eyes on the road. The object was poky, so I assumed it was just a big piece of old brush or something. Since we were so close to home, I decided I would wait and throw it away once we returned home. Bad idea. Suddenly, the object wrapped around my finger! This surprise accompanied by the need to open the garage door and shift into a lower gear really made my manly instincts kick in. As any self-respecting adult male would do, flailed my arm in panic and flung the creature into an unknown part of the front seat. Fortunately, I was able to mask my terrified scream with a sound that somewhat resembled a lethargic ghost. In a state of panic, I frantically pressed the garage door opener repeatedly. Just as the door began to open I would accidentally press it again and it would begin to close again. This only prolonged our time sitting in the driveway in a dark car with a big unidentified bug on the loose. Finally after three or four attempts, the door made its seemingly eternal ascent until we were able to pass under it. I immediately sprung from the car swatting at my clothes and making absurd noises. Trisha spotted the beast sitting in the middle console of the car. This is what she found:

So now we were faced with the task of getting this behemoth out of our car. Trisha went inside while I battled with my wits and tried to find a way to get it out of the car without touching it. We have a sprinkler key that is about four feet long with a scooped handle, but to avoid scooping it out of the gearbox and onto the car floor, I needed some help. Trisha willingly came out to help me. She held a box as I stood behind her with the four foot long pole and scooped him in (All the while, I kept freaking out as Trisha kept a composed demeanor.) The mission was a success and we returned the beetle into the wild (I would have killed it if it weren't capable of eating my shoe.) In light of this encounter, we've decided that being outgoing is overrated. If you need us, we'll be doing our homework.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Our celebration of Independence

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. It was such a treat when I was told I got two days off of work!! I have been hoarding my vacation hours since I started working full time...first for Christmas time so I could stay in Northern Utah for a friends wedding, then for the honeymoon, and now for a family vacation. Any time off is very nice.

This great event called for a trip to Elk Ridge, Utah, to visit my family. It was such a fun weekend!! On Thursday, we were still livin' in a heat wave. Ugh. We made a trip to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy and had a really great time. We touched sting rays and took me a few minutes to work up the courage. During the few hours we were there we saw the sharks, anaconda, and penguins all get fed. Good stuff. There were otters (who like to show off, and sleep), glow in the dark scorpions, an octopus (those things are creepy looking!), and lots of fish, of course.

After the aquarium we had a BBQ at my sisters house and drove to Orem to watch the Stadium of Fire firework show. We saw a few other shows from the houses around the neighborhood. Lots of people and lots of fun =)

On Friday, the main event was a four wheeler ride up Hobble Creek Canyon. The loading of the wheelers and drive to the trail was long and hot, but so worth it. David had TONS of fun driving the four wheeler, singing operatic versions of Home on the Range and She'll be Coming Round the Mountain. He also made his own video game style background music when we started going fast. He's such a goof, and I sure love it. We had a awesome view from the top of the mountain, where we had a picnic and suffered an attack of killer flies. Only about 10 minutes after loading up the rain hit, and it hit hard. That was great to curb the heat, and also because David gets almost giddy when it rains. It was about dinner time when we got back, so we wiped the dust off our faces and legs and got going to Senor Moose. Weird name, huge burritos, and friendly people.

Saturdays events seem to slip my mind and David's. Shopping, mostly? Which David only partially participated in. Good thing I've got a good brother to keep him company. Also, softball practice. I went to help my mom and David thought he could sit at the house and study economics...nope! Wonderful brother to the rescue! So they played video games, yay!

The rest of the weekend was filled with games with the little sister, and odd shows about wedding dresses or bizarre foods. We took left overs and strawberry jam home =) and look forward to a weekend with the family again!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Last the best of all the game

Well, here we are: the David and Trisha power duo, out to conquer the blogging world...but not really. I'm not much of a writer, and I'm not sure David is either. Forgive us for brief messages and sometimes infrequent posts. As many women do, I may spend more time picking the background for this lovely blog than writing in it. But, write we will - as often as we can.

This blog is especially inspired by David's siblings and parents. And as the final addition to the Robertson clan, I remind you of the times old saying: last the best of all the game.