Sunday, December 1, 2013

My first Black Friday

We spent Thanksgiving up in Elk Ridge with Trisha's family this year. It was filled with good food and good company! We had a great meal and I was introduced to a few secret family cuisines such as Giggle Juice. The recipe is a close-kept family secret; don't ask me for it or I'll force it down your throat and have you giggling until Easter! The feast was great and we visited for a few hours afterwards over pie. After we had recovered enough, we prepared ourselves for.....BLACK FRIDAY(it was Thursday night, but it counts)! I wasn't sure what to expect as we began our descent off of the mountain to our first target, er, destination: Wal-mart. We went straight for the super-cheap movies that were lined up against the meat aisle spanning the entire length of the store. The deal officially began at 6 pm, so there were scores of people lined up waiting to break through the tape that separated them from their prizes. At 6 o'clock, the barrier was removed and people flooded the area and picked up as many movies as they could hold. Luckily, we had our handy-dandy 11-year old that could dodge and weave between people as she bravely plucked movies from the shelves and returned them to us so we could take inventory. I got into the heat of it and snatched a copy of Despicable Me from some unsuspecting child. He already had three, save some for the fishies, kid. I know it's harsh, but the kid needed to learn a lesson about life, and what better time to learn than on Black Friday? I'm just kidding, that was a work of fiction; I'm not that heartless :)
Following Wal-mart, we went to Kohl's and Shopko. There were some serious deals! We saved $102 at Kohl's and only spent $34! In fact, we were basically done with our Christmas shopping before December even began! And we got 3 Harry Potter movies for less than $5 at Wal-mart. I had a great time with family as we awed at the spectacles that accompany this event. The moral of the story is that although Black Friday is portrayed as this crazy event, there are great deals, and great fun to be had.
On Actual Black Friday, Tyler, Kamri, and I went to Lowe's Air Sports in Provo while Trisha worked on a research paper. It is an open gymnastic gym for anyone to play around in. They have a lot of foam pits and Olympic quality trampolines to play on. We had a great time on the 20 foot rock wall that hung above a foam pit so you could jump off once you reached the top. Kamri said it was fun to just fall backwards once you had reached the top, it was so fun! It is a surprisingly long freefall! Tyler convinced me to try backflips on a mat. He would spot me and help me improve my form. I got pretty close to landing a few, but couldn't quite hold my tuck for long enough. There was also a trapeze that we swung from into a foam pit. Tyler dared me to try a backflip from the trapeze to the pit, he was hesitant to do it after he had landed weirdly the last time he tried. I went a few times but chickened out when I let go. Finally I decided I would regret it if I didn't do it, so I got up there and did it! It was so cool! On a side note, I've decided to give up school and pursue trapeze-artistry. It's real.
So that about sums up our Thanksgiving weekend, sorry it was such a lengthy account! Also, if you pay for Trisha and I to come visit you, I will teach you the art of the trapeze. Or, to save some money, look for my act coming to a circus near you.

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