Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Return to the Blog

Soo... Sorry that we haven't posted anything in ages, I wish we had a good excuse, but it's mostly that we just forget we have a blog and then remember when we're going to bed and resolve to do it the next day, but never do. Then we repeat this cycle. However, today we are breaking out of our Groundhog Day-ish routine to bring you an update of our lives.
The beginning of the year has brought a lot of change in our house. For starters, we lost our roommate! Tyler moved up north for a good job opportunity. We miss him, but he really loves the job and sounds like he will do well with it. To compensate for not playing racquetball anymore, I have started doing "Insanity" with some goods friends up here in Cedar. If you have not heard of insanity, here is a link with a sample of a workout: These workouts last for 45 minutes and they are the most intense workouts I have ever done. The first few days were unpleasant, but now following each workout I feel so good! It's weird, but nice:)
Another change is that Trisha has taken the semester off from school because she will start coaching softball for the Canyon View freshman team! She will be altering her work schedule so she can attend the practices and games. She'll start work at 7am, work during lunch, and leave at 3 so she can make it to the field for practice, which is held from 3-6. Needless to say, she will be very busy this semester! She is really excited, and I know she'll do great!
We have more to report, but for the sake of retaining reader interest, I will separate that into another post so those with glazed-over eyes can take a break. Again, we are very sorry for shirking our blogging, we'll put our shoulder to the wheel and blog along :)

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  1. Yay! I love hearing about your lives!! Hooray for blog posts from the Cedar City Robertsons!