Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Roundup

We've done quite a lot this weekend! The indoor soccer tournament I had registered for with a few buddies started on Thursday night. The tournament lasted from Thursday to Saturday night. We had a record of 3-2 during the group stage and were knocked out in the first round of the tournament. I scored three goals during our games! It was great, our team was full of upbeat and fun people. A lot of the teams in the tournament were really intense and would get mad at their own teammates for making mistakes. Watching them reminded me of a huge reason why I didn't stick with soccer. After the tournament was over, I was really hungry. Craving some calorie-dense food, my mind was stuck on eating a Big Mac meal. True to form, I had not used some McDonald's gift certificates that I had been given as part of a birthday gift about 8 years ago, so we drove home to get them. After 8 years, McDonald's accounts payable account finally balanced. And their accountants rejoiced exceedingly. Trisha and my teammates' wives/significant others were our team supporters, they provided us with halftime snacks and a solid cheering section, it was really great! I'm glad that Trish is such a good sport, coming to each of my games to support me.
After our games on Friday night, we hosted some of our team for a FIFA party. We had ice cream and played FIFA for a few hours. It was fun to relax at the start of the weekend and having played two games that night.
On Saturday morning, we went to a marriage symposium that had some great speakers. First, we heard from John Bytheway! I remember all of us loving his tapes with funny songs. He gave a great talk that gave 10 principles for a happy marriage. Along with the great lesson, he did a perfect impression of Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show. It was amazing! Following his remarks, we heard from Brother Goodman, a professor from BYU. He gave a great talk about intimacy within marriage. He focused on the Godly nature of this gift and how we can increase our love for each other through it. We were able to sit next to some good friends during this symposium and had lunch with them afterwards.
That's it for this week. Stay tuned for more regular updates :) Until next time!

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  1. By the way, David tried to tell me to NOT come watch his soccer games because "some of the other guys are really good..." Let's talk about this: I married this man for many, many reasons, one of which being his ability and desire to play sports. He loves soccer; I am quickly learning to love soccer. Does that mean I will attend every game, make friends with the other attendees, yell embarrassing cheers, and deem myself a 'soccer wive' by bringing snacks and juice boxes to the field? Of course it does. Yes, please. It was such a great time!